Buy pornhub viewers choice contest real votes


Pornhub viewers choice contest is a monthly competition organized by pornhub in which models submit a video related to a specific theme already set by pornhub, people then vote for their favorite videos and the three models whose videos got the most votes win three big prizes: 3000$ for first place, 2000$ for second and 1000$ for third. The most ranked 50 videos also win something special; they will be featured the whole next month on pornhub homepage (this will help the model get a lot of views and subscribers on the next month). You can find the ranking & theme of the actual running competition here , winning this competition is very hard since hundreds of models participate on it, but do not worry if you want to win one of the first places to get one of the big cash prizes or at least win one of the first 50 places to get your video featured on homepage for a whole month we are here to help you, we offer real votes for this competition in affordable price which is 90$ per 1100 votes ,based on our experience working already with some models on this competition, 1100 votes are sufficient to rank on top 50 and 5000 votes will be sufficient to win one of the first three places.

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