Pinned video promotional service

 If you are a trans model who want to promote her accounts on platforms like onlyfans, pornhub, xhamster, chaturbate ...etc , if you are a webmaster who has a website that has a trans videos category , if you have sex toys store, if you have a dating website or app and if you have anything that trans lovers can be interested to this promotional method is for you, we offer a pinned promotional video on ashemaletube which is the best and most visited trans vids only website in the world with more than 27.000.000 visitors monthly based on similarweb statics .The video should be between 1.5 minute and 2.5 minutes and should not contain any watermark (you can choose a video and send it to us or we can choose one for you), we add an AD at the end of the video in which we encourage people to visit your link (we always lie what you want to promote with what the AD says; for example if you want to promote a porn website we put and AD that says: to watch full video visit , The video will be pinned on first position on home page for ten days, which means the video will be the first video seen or discovered by all website visitors for 10 days. As an example just check this video , watch it until the end and notice that at the end there is a promotion that encourage people to visit our website to watch full video and more similar videos, this video is actually pinned top on first position on home page, but if you do not find it there this means that 10 days have already passed since we pinned it because we only pin a video for ten days, then we pin another new video, just contact us and we will show you another pinned video as proof in case the video we already mentioned is not more pinned. Service price is only 90$ to pin the video for 10 days, if this promotional method fits you contact us on telegram @karboniko or email or use the support chat widget .